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Your freedom of speech abroad! Communication is freedom... to talk with whomever you want, whenever you want, even when you're abroad, without having to worry about surprises when you receive the bill.

The OmniSIM service is the perfect solution for those who travel abroad and want to call Israel by making local calls from where they are staying. Mobile operators choose to ignore the need to make local calls from the destination country, and they charge astronomical roaming rates.

OmniSIM provides the perfect solution: an Israeli SIM card and a local SIM card in one device.

Customers and organizations that equip their employees with the omniSIM card benefit from very attractive rates: lower rates per call minute from the U.S. to Israel, and lower rates for calls within the destination country, which are considered local calls.

The recipient of the call abroad sees a local phone number on the display. When dialing Israel, the recipient sees the Israeli number of the subscriber (as if the caller were in the country). With omniSIM service you can receive incoming calls free of charge in certain countries, and at a minimal cost in others.

You can rent a mobile phone with a pre-installed SIM card. You can also rent an omniSIM modem that connects to your laptop and allows unlimited surfing anywhere in the world for a monthly fee of less than 200 shekels. And we have a few more goodies up our sleeve... Read more